forex trading ideas

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forex trading ideas

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There is nothing wrong with publishing forex trading ideas. If the content is useful, you can actually help traders who need direction and inspiration before entering the market. What is not recommended here is to share every detail of your trading. There is no point in meeting the timeline of your friends with a variety of semi-finished ideas, confusing trading parameters, or inadequate criticisms.

Such actions will only reduce your credibility in the eyes of other traders. When you later publish the idea of ​​an established forex trading and want to get reviews from other traders, you will not be taken seriously and tend to be underestimated.

Remember, one of the benefits of sharing forex trading ideas is to increase self-confidence. So you should be selective in choosing trading ideas that will be published. Use a trader sharing tool as an indicator of your belief in an idea, not the other way around.
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Share the best trading ideas
The principle that works here is if you're confident enough to share it, you're confident enough to trade it. If you are confident to publish an idea of ​​forex trading in the presence of trader friends, then you also believe in its potential to be used in trading.
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If later your idea attracts attention and praise from other traders, do not be complacent and desperate to pursue recognition. Do you still remember the horror story of the showman? If you have forgotten, refer back to the experiences and lessons that can be learned from it in the article Learning Trading From the Horror Story 4 Forex Traders. In addition to sharing trading ideas, you can also make a positive contribution by giving constructive tips, opinions and criticism to other traders' ideas.

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